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About this brand

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MHP (Maximum Human Performance) brings you the most innovative supplements.  Their premier science-based, research-driven sports supplements are designed to help athletes reach their maximum potential.

MHP was started by bodybuilder Gerard Dente and world-renowned physician Dr. Vincent Giampapa. Dente found gaps in the range of nutrients on the market and committed himself to researching a way to bring them to the public. That's what inspired him to create MHP in 1997, which now has a strong presence in over 40 countries and a formidable lineup of sports supplements ready to meet any athletic or nutritional need.

Whether you’re looking to become stronger, build muscle, lose fat or increase performance, MHP has the perfect supplement to match your goal. MHP is the worthy choice for bringing out Maximum Human Performance!

T-Bomb II 168 tabsMHPT-Bomb II 168 tabs

Maximum Strength Testosterone Formula

Probolic-SR 908gMHPProbolic-SR 908g

Anabolic / Anti-Catabolic Bio-Efficient Protein - 12 Hour Muscle Feeder

Paleo Protein 921gMHPPaleo Protein 921g

Beef & Egg White Protein

Up Your Mass 5lbMHPUp Your Mass 5lb

The Ultimate Mass Building Weight Gainer

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Up Your Mass 907gMHPUp Your Mass 907g

The Ultimate Mass Building Weight Gainer

A-Bomb 224 tabsMHPA-Bomb 224 tabs

Multiple Anabolic Actions While Reducing Catabolism

Activite 120 tabletsMHPActivite 120 tablets

Enzyme Activated Multi-Vitamin

X-Pel 80 capsMHPX-Pel 80 caps

Maximum Strength Diuretic - Extreme Muscle Defining Formula

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Protein Pudding 4 x 133gMHPProtein Pudding 4 x 133g

High Protein Pudding