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Amix is the newest player in the game. Marked by its high potency supplements and straightforward approach to RESULTS, Amix Nutrition will surely provide the perfect solution for your goals.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, improve endurance, burn fat, improve body definition or live better, you will find the perfect supplement for you within Amix wide range of products! (Read More)

CarniLine Pro Fitness 2000 amp 25mlAmixCarniLine Pro Fitness 2000 amp 25ml

High quality liquid l-carnitine - With BioPerine - Sugar & aspartame free - No...
Artificial colours

Carnislim 25mlAmixCarnislim 25ml

Liquid L-carnitine with choline, taurin & inositol

L-Lysine 120 capsAmixL-Lysine 120 caps

Free form - Promote healthy skin & bones

CarniLine ProActive 480 mlAmixCarniLine ProActive 480 ml

High quality liquid l-carnitine - With Green Tea - Aspartam, sugar and...
artificial colours free product

$2.11 $1.79
$1.66 $1.33
$26.72 $16.03
$19.91 $15.93
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Diosgen 100 capsAmixDiosgen 100 caps

Testosterone & Estrogen Stimulator

CarniLean Burner 480mlAmixCarniLean Burner 480ml

Thermogenic weight manager - Energy booster

Whey Pure Fusion 30gAmixWhey Pure Fusion 30g

Cold temperature process -High in BCAA - High in glutamine - Whey concentrate &...
whey isolate

BCAA Mega Fuel 150mlAmixBCAA Mega Fuel 150ml

Liquid recovery stack

$26.95 $21.56
$31.64 $28.47
$2.05 $1.54
$3.42 $2.05
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Beta Bolix 90 capsAmixBeta Bolix 90 caps

Intensive workout booster - Carnosyn beta alanine

Fat Burner Gel 200mlAmixFat Burner Gel 200ml

Extreme Fat Burning Complex

Rock´s Gel with Caffeine 32gAmixRock´s Gel with Caffeine 32g

Energy Gel with Caffeine

Hydrush 140mlAmixHydrush 140ml

Liquid protein shot

$28.12 $16.87
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Trioplex Energy Bar Apricot-yogurt 55gAmixTrioplex Energy Bar Apricot-yogurt 55g

High Energy Bar Sport XC3 Boost

No Fat & Cellulite Gel 200mlAmixNo Fat & Cellulite Gel 200ml

Ultimate Skin Therapy Gel

Nitronox Shooter 140mlAmixNitronox Shooter 140ml

Pre-workout shot drink

Rock´s Gel without Caffeine 32gAmixRock´s Gel without Caffeine 32g

Energy Gel without Caffeine

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Carb Blocker 90 capsAmixCarb Blocker 90 caps

Apetite control manager - Carbo-blocking system

Carbojet Basic 3kgAmixCarbojet Basic 3kg

Optimal Carbo-Protein Blend

Pill Box 7 days AMIXAmixPill Box 7 days AMIX

Comfortable pillbox

Monster BEEF 2kg+200g FREEAmixMonster BEEF 2kg+200g FREE

Hardcore Beef Enzyme Hydrolized Protein

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Monster BEEF 1kgAmixMonster BEEF 1kg

Hardcore Beef Enzyme Hydrolized Protein

CatuaBolix 100 capsAmixCatuaBolix 100 caps

Testosterone / Sex drive - Booster

Anabolic Masster 2,2kgAmixAnabolic Masster 2,2kg

High Quality Proteins And Carbohydrates

Waxygo! 2kgAmixWaxygo! 2kg

High Molecular Weight – Waxy Maize Starch

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